I am inspired by the nuances of contemporary life and culture,

experienced through travelling and living in India and Europe. I  believe that everything (jewelry) made out of metal can very well be made from materials much simpler, softer and exquisite.

I chose Fabric as my medium of expression since it is versatile and experimenting is easier. My jewellery is a form of art and each piece has a story behind it.

Here, I am showcasing the stories of some of my art pieces.


Binary Necklace

Zeroes and Ones- The entire digital world based on these. Seem so insignificant but they are very powerful.

Crystal Grass Collar

Drawn inspiration from the glistening of dew drops on blades of grass early morning.

An innovative blend of crystals, moonstone chips and semi precious stone nuggets. Dexterously embroidered on silky velvet. the nuggets have been casually sprinkled on a bed of crystal grass literally!


Egyptian Zip Collars

Inspired the Egyptian bibs. Intricate Bead-work is outlined by Metallic Zips reflecting the Egyptians love for bright and bold jewellery



Reflecting how mechanical our lives have become; how dependant we have become on machines.

beautiful ribbed agates are used along side carnelians, citrine icicles and MOP rings as well as rose quartz. Lazer cut Brass filigree has been stitched on to luxurious velvet for a metallic accent. Various elements have been carefully strewn to give the impression of machinery including a KEY. 


Is it mandatory for a necklace to have a lock?

Why don't we throw it  around the neck as a scarf? we can adjust the length easily but more importantly one would not have to struggle with the clasp while wearing the necklace.


The name says it all. rows of crystal stitched on velvet. Covered by a net made of seed beads embroidered in the shape of a honeycomb


Phoenix Necklace

Bespoke Neckpiece for artist Jennifer Skuse for the Phoenix Rising Project. Worked closely with her in developing the neckpiece based on her inputs on the project and it inspiration: Phoenix rising from it ashes.

Hence the warm and rust tones representing a burnt and ash covered bird gleaming with hope and determined to make it in the world.

To know more about the project please click on Phoenix Rising Project


Foliage Bracelet

Seed beads woven into leaves . Arranged as an arrangement of foliage.

© 2019 by Neha R. Sharma